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Friday, January 30, 2015

Technology Advancement and Peer Pressure

I never knew I would be affected with the thoughts of other people’s opinion on my cell phone. I never thought it would somehow ensue in stress. Living in this first world country, everyone is materialistic. Almost. They drive luxurious cars, carry bags that are worth our college tuition fees, taking selfies with expensive phones/cameras. Let's talk about the phone. 

Never have I once thought of wanting to change my phone this fast. My phone wasn't a problem before so why is it a problem now? A few people around me told me to get a new phone -the iphone6- and stop using mine. Questions like, "When are you going to change your phone?”, "You're still using that?" and "Wah, why your hp so lag, go buy new one." keep coming from their lips. I never gotten a phone for it to simply be an item to boast about. It was just a tool for me to communicate with others, with other useful tools such as my alarm and my camera. So hence, I don't even know why I have to get a newer phone just because of the pressure I'm receiving. 

It's just a phone.

My phone is fine. It's working just fine. 

Sure, I would like to use a more advance technology but I'm not rushing to get a new one. In Singapore, we still have to pay a lot before signing up for the mobile plan. To top it all off, it'll be a 2 years contract that I'll have to commit to get this phone while at the same time staying in Singapore for the entire time. Will that be what I truly want? It's like an unnecessary bond that will get me stuck in this place for two years. Truth be told, up till now, I'm still perplexed with my environment and stressing with having to cope with studies and work at the same time. This makes me confused with whether I still want to sign up for this data plan or just solely purchase the phone back in Penang when I want to change to a new one. Although the data plan will be much more worth it, I would still just use the prepaid one which is cheaper but worth less as I don't want to make any commitment just yet. 

I'm still in a state of unrest due to all the financial and ambitious thoughts, plus a load of commitments. The stress keeps adding up and I have no one to share all these to. I would rather carry all these burden alone than to share it with my loved ones. 

If you're reading this, please don't pressure me into changing my phone, my bags, or just ask me to buy new clothes and eat unreasonably expensive food with you. Unless you're paying, of course (Just kidding I can pay for myself.). Please just let me settle down and give me a peace of mind. Studying psychology really makes me feel psychotic as well.

It's not even funny anymore.

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