Leaving for Heaven

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Four days. Grandma's wake (ceremony) lasted for four days - Thursday to Sunday. The funeral was on Monday. It was mentally and physically exhausting for my family. The mother whom they loved, the grandmother whom we all loved, she has left for eternity. We all missed her dearly. Throughout the days of the wake service, we had people coming in and out of the house to pay their respect to grandma. Countless of beautifully arranged sympathy standing sprays from our family friends and companies were sent.

Neighbours and grandma's friends from church came over and shared fond memories of the dearly departed. I didn't know so many people loved her so much. They adored her. Many of them wept as they recount experiences with her over the microphone, describing her kindness and stating that she was the loveliest old lady they've come to know. They said she was cute, and quiet, and that she has always been really diligent at studying the Bible. I didn't know grandma only studied until primary three and that she wasn't really good at reading words until they told me. I am truly proud of her for being able to read the Bible at the age of 74, and the fact that she's still wanting to learn at that age. It's so admirable.

"She'll never fail to not turn up to our cell group. She's always learning to pray and attending Bible study three times a week. She really loves God." One sister from church told us.

The second one voiced out, "I'm already missing her. She's like a mother to all of us." 

"She's would always wait for us to fetch her to church without letting us wait. Even when it's late and she's tired, she wouldn't say anything because she didn't want to trouble us. She would always bring us fruits and bakes she made with her family, to share with us" Another brother said.

One after another, words of goodness flow out of everyone's lips. And lastly, mom went up with my aunties and uncle. Tears were streaming down mom's eyes and it broke my heart at the sight of that. My family members told everyone about grandma, and then they all held hands, bowed and thanked everyone for taking care of their precious mother. 

I thought it was too soon for her to leave. I questioned God why he didn't allow us to celebrate David's wedding day next month with her. Why couldn't he just allow her to stay with us a little longer?

My youngest aunt consoled me, "His ways are higher than our ways. God has his own purpose."

I believe.

"We'll all meet in Heaven one day. Let's stay strong."

Mom x David with Grandma at Disneyland - 1991


David's birthday x Sam at McDonalds - 1993

Grand's Birthday - 1999

Family at our Home - 1999


Grand's Birthday - 2015

Thank you God for allowing me to return to Penang this year on her birthday, and for allowing me to be with not only her, but also my family this time around. I would really feel guilty for not being present, and instead was still in Singapore. Thank you God. 

Thank you for everything, grandma. Thank you for your love, care, patience and understanding. Your existence is the greatest gift to us all. You'll always be remembered. We love you. 

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