Sunday, November 13, 2016

What happens when things don't go as plan? When conflict arises and when the unexpected scenario come to existent? Are you going to sit there and whine about it, or are you going to formulate a plan and do something about it?

When that happens, we can either (i) stay crestfallen or bellyache about it or (ii) figure out and take action. If we decide to do the former, then things are not going to change. They're going to be stagnant and the challenges will remain. If we have a choice to improve them and face our adversity, we should do so - because sooner or later, we will have to go through hardships. Conflicts are not going to disappear magically. In fact, not facing it soon will prolong feelings of negativity such as stress, unhappiness, anger, and as well as being in the state of constant anxiety.

Take a deep breath, assess the situation and formulate a plan that will help you to get through and over things effectively. Don't rush the process because we all go at a different pace to digest information, deal with things and to heal. "The sooner the better," we think. It is true, yes, the sooner the better - but the effectiveness of solutions matters even more than the speed in processing the resolution of things.

Remember, only you can help yourself because it's your life. You're in charge of your own life and you have the power to control your own thoughts. No one else can. Not your parents, siblings, best friends or even your partner. Sure, we can share our problems with them and they can give us advices or let us know their point of view in things but ultimately, the decision is in our hand. We decide what to do, the point of action we are taking in the course.

So child, do not be despair, but rather strengthen yourself because you can. Whining about things doesn't work. Doing something about it does. Don't rush through things though, dust your pants and pick yourself up from the ground, because you have the strength to do so. Although things may be rough, I believe you're able to do whatever you set your mind towards. Think about it, God will not allow things to happen to you unless he knows that you are able to grow from it and unless he entrust you with it. He knows that you are going to be alright because He is there for you, and because you are able. You're strong. You're capable enough.

So, get ready to stand up and fix yourself as you are growing. Don’t dwell in situations, instead rise up.

Slowly, in your own pace because small progress is still progress.

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