Dinner with Grandparents

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


When your mom offered to take pictures of your outfit of the day with the mall props! How typical ♥︎

After last night's birthday celebration, we wanted to have something asian and clean instead, so mom suggested Japanese cuisine. I chose somewhere we haven't been before, and that would be Oh Sushi at Straits Quay. The food was good and the great service they provided really made our day. 

Catching up with my grandparents over food was awesome and we laughed a lot about how ridiculous some things are. As a missionary, grandpa had to travel to interesting places and he showed me marvellous photos of the places he had went with his peers. He captured Nepal beautifully with his iPhone. Oh how I wish I can share them with you here! The stories he shared about how people were coming to church and having their lives turnaround for the better was incredible, too.

Grandma gave me a super cute gift from SeaWorld Florida - when they both were there to visit great-grandparents. It's an ombre coloured dolphin keychain that shines colourfully under the sun. I'll be keeping them for a very long time, that's for sure.

Straits Quay - Penang, Malaysia
27 Nov '16

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