Thursday, September 29, 2016


Try, they say.
This verb lingers in my head as I
Try to comprehend what they say.

Try, she say.
The woman look at me and she say
Try to earn a better living.

Try, he say. 
The text he send states that he will
Try to return my call soon.

Try, I say.
This sucks when everyone just attempt to
Try instead of making it work. 

Sure, there are a gazillions of uncertainties in life but really, is trying all we can do? To attempt? To hope that we can accomplish when we certainly can? And how sure are we that those things we do works out? 

But let me ask you, why not be so sure of those things working out? Put all your time, effort and invest on making it happen. Be so sure of it happening that eventually after doing whatever you can, it will. Have faith. Believe. Know that it will come to pass as you visualise and go towards it. Because doors will open. Have confidence. It will transpire. So stop trying, start doing. 

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