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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Hi people *waves*

What have I been up to, you ask?

After moving back from SG in July, I've been taking some time off work, which means I've not been working ever since I left. I've thought of applying a job here, part-time, but after converting from Ringgit to Dollars, I thought it was not worth the effort and hassle. You see, if I were to apply in the same company and handle the same responsibilities and yet be paid in a weaker currency, why would I want to do it? Mind me, instead of using the time I have right now to work, I'm investing more time in engaging with my family and old friends. Other than that, I've been studying college materials, immersing myself with books and reading multitudes of articles online. To put it simply, I’m expanding my horizon. Oh, and I've been watching a great deals of YouTube videos too!

Returning home seems a bit surreal. It's like, I can't believe I'm here, experiencing all these moments and collecting all the memories. It feels like I'm whole again, and that I'm healing. From the agonizing feelings of grandma's departure to the happy feelings of David's wedding last week, things has certainly changed in a speed of light. Grandma's not forgotten, don't worry.

It’s funny how I've never thought of being separated with my family members until my uncle brought it up. Like, I knew what was coming but I've never really thought about it. Once we grow up, we're detached. Everyone go their own way. We're here, there, everywhere and trying to maintain a close relationship with each other doesn't seem to be the same anymore. It's not as easy to keep in contact anymore. So in that case, I've been using Facebook more often lately. Although I prefer using other trendy social media apps now, I thought it was a way for me, for us, to connect with each other on Facebook, because that's what the elders are using right now. Staying connected feels much easier.

I've been taking my sweet time overwhelming myself with loving life too much here.

But as much as I want to stay in Penang, a part of me still feel like there's an emptiness I need to fill. My young heart yearn for something, probably responsibilities I could undertake. Sure, staying in the comfort zone and being chill about life is everyone's dream, but really, I'm already partially tired of this. Since everyone is already leaving and moving on, I should go back to my life in Singapore too, right? A year ago, I would've thought it would be kind of insane and offbeat for me to divulge this but… I like it there. I'm finally taking a partiality to living in Singapore.

The people there. Most of them are really friendly, accepting and nice!
The food there (albeit costly) and most importantly my friends, my colleagues, my church, my cell group members.

The sense of independence I experience from working and studying in a foreign country. Being financially sovereign. I can never emphasise enough the gratifying feeling I obtained from working for what I need and want. Paying for my own rent, buying my own clothes, transportation, groceries everything.
It is hard for me to stay here and deviate from all of these.

So there you have it. The big news.

I'm moving back to Singapore! This time, more equipped, more prepared.

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