Eating Out - 2 Days, 4 Places (Chilis, Daorae, Sushi Zanmai, Salon Du Chocolat)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Out with the group + Thai friends! Sun and Sirinda decided to come back to visit us here, in Penang and as usual, it'll all be good food, good vibes with great friends!

- DAY1
Lunch at Chilli's Gurney Plaza

We'll never say no to a big serving of Southwest food!

2 Pieces of Chicken Club Tacos
Changed sides from rice and black beans to loaded mash potatoes with broccolis.

Monterey Chicken

Cilantro Pesto Pasta

Honey Chipotle Chicken

Beef Fajitas + Chicken Club Tacos + Monterey Chicken

Molten Chocolate Cake 

Dinner at Daorae BBQ Restaurant (Tanjung Tokong)

We'll never fail to not eat Korean food together. It's our thing!

Kimchi Pancake / Kimchi Jeon

Spicy Ricakes / Ddukbokki

Pork Belly / Samgyupsal

Mixed rice / Bibimbap

Sweet Potato Noodles / Japchae
a.k.a the love of my life tbh

Asian at works

- DAY 2
Dinner at Sushi Zanmai, Gurney Paragon

We wanted to watch a movie at 7pm but arrived at our dinner place around 6pm. Japanese food are fast and easy, and so we resorted to coming here and have a quick dinner before heading to the cinema. 

Mix Sushi

Beef Bowl / Gyudon

Japanese Fried Noodles / Yakisoba

The movie we watched was Fantastic Four, and honestly speaking, it wasn't that fantastic at all. I think cause it's only an introduction to the movie, and there's not enough content. The antagonist was killed in such a short time. We thought there were more to the movie but then it just left us hanging with a cliff hanger. After the movie ended, everyone in the cinema hesitated to leave, because they think something extra will be shown. 

Supper at Salon Du Chocolat, Gurney Paragon

Salon Cinnamon with bananas and cream on the inside.

When ordering, we could pick between the choice of apple or banana with cream cheese. We pick the latter. As soon as this plate was set on our table, Sun made us laugh with his comment, "This looked like a huge wanton". This crepe wanton was super good, super duper.


 Ending this post with photos of my Baes.

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