11 days in Penang Island

Monday, June 08, 2015

It was a morning flight, so I had breakfast at the airport! Honestly, I didn't have time to consume my food, so I decided to down my coffee and had a bite. It's Egg and Cheese Flatbread.

Arrived in the Pearl of Orient soon afterwards. 

Fish bee hoon for lunch at Weld Quay. 

Studied for the compulsory module and sipped on Vanilla and French Rose tea at Coffee Journey.

Breakfast at home : Kiwi, caramelised popcorn and cashew nuts in plain yogurt. 

Had wanton noodles in town w dad.

Late afternoon, we had shaved ice/ Ice kacang and steamed yam cake at New World Park.

Had Spaghetti Carbonara for dinner w Yipei at Soul Cafe. I wouldn't want to order this again ahah ://

Studied at Sonnentor Real Food, Straits Quay.


Grandma's birthday! She's absolutely flawless. Had a blast spending time with my love ones.

Studied at Cafe Bene, Gurney Paragon. This was Patbingsu with rice cake on top. 

Lunch at Sushi Zanmai, Gurney Paragon.

This was at Coffee Journey, Island Plaza. I had bagel with sour cream and a cup of latte.

Spent time catching up w Elynn at Cafe Bene, Gurney Paragon. We had Green Tea Bingsu.

The night before my flight. Couldn't make up which one to bring back to Singapore ahah. 
I decided to bring the first and third book!

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